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Natural dry shampoos are fairly simple, easy and even fun to make at home. Perfect for those of you who are on a budget. It also gives you the chance to find what works best for your own hair by experimenting with different ingredients!



To make your own dry shampoo at home you only need to consider three things when it comes to ingredients.



1. First you need to find a base starch. Corn starch is generally the cheapest most widely used starch powder but there are other alternatives such as arrowroot, tapioca, potato, oat or rice based powders. Off the shelf products usually have a mix of a few but still contain corn starch as the majority ingredient. You can also add a small amount of bicarb into the mix at this point to help with absorbing grease and to neutralize any greasy hair smell.




2. The second thing to consider is fragrance. Adding a few drops of essential oils will help give you a scent tailored to your unique preference! If you prefer fragrance free you an also choose not to add any. This is not an essential step but it can add a slight tough of luxury that makes it feel more like an off the shelf product.



3. If you have dark hair it I recommended adding some unsweetened cocoa powder. This helps the dry shampoo blend in better while also helping absorb grease.  Acures dry shampoo for dark hair contains cocoa powder for this reason. I have seen it recommended in other recipes as well. As a fairly dark brunette I found this works well for my hair compared to dry shampoos without.





Storing and applying your diy dry shampoo is the next thing to consider. This really comes down to preference but if you are not sure we have some ideas for you. We recommend either reusing a small powder bottle (allowing you to shake directly onto hair) or a jar (and using kabuki brush to apply to your hair) before brushing through.



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