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Recently I have had the opportunity to trial a fantastic natural body bronzer thanks to the wonderful team at Aussie Bronze. The promise of a safe and natural fuss-free instant tan? While I am not usually one for using fake-tan and self-tan products, I always dreaded turning out orange, I was intrigued. Here is my review and everything you need to know about Aussie Bronze.



About Aussie Bronze


Aussie Bronze is an Australian brand who offer a body bronzer that will leave you beautifully tanned instantly with no developing time. Aussie bronze is cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and Australian made. This body bronzer is free from DHA and other toxic ingredients, so you can tan safely and without worry of compromising your skin.



The deal with DHA


What is it? Dihydroxyacetone or DHA (C3H6O3) is a simple sugar falling in the ketone group.  It can be naturally derived from sugar cane and other plants or synthetically manufactured.


What is it used for? It is commonly used as the active ingredient in tanning products to darken skin.


How does it work? DHA works by reacting with the top layer of your skin, which is largely dead skin cells. DHA and the amino acids in the dead layer of skin cells react to create melanoidins which give your skin a darker appearance. That is why you should wait 24-48 hours after exfoliating to use tanning products containing DHA. If you try and use DHA to darken your skin too soon after exfoliating, there will be no dead skin cells for it to react with.


Is it safe? At high doses, DHA has been shown to alter and damage genetic material and is potentially carcinogenic. In response to this warnings for using products containing DHA around the mouth and lips have been issued and concentration limits put in place by the FDA. Spray tans are a particularly concerning due to inhaling the airborne spray.


DHA is generally considered safe for topical application in a cream as it does not penetrate the skin, only stains the outer most layer. It should be kept away from membranes such as eyes and lips where it can easily enter the body and cause damage.


Should I avoid DHA? The call on this one is up to you.


For those of you who don’t like or don’t feel comfortable using products containing DHA, Aussie Bronze’s natural tanning cream offers a wonderful DHA free alternative.



Free from Other Common Toxins


Aussie Bronze uses only non-toxic natural vegan-friendly ingredients. On top of providing an alternative to DHA Aussie Bronze proudly contains no parabens, synthetic fragrance, PEGS, sulphate, SLS, silicone, mineral oil or other highly toxic ingredients.



My Trial of Aussie Bronze



› Application and how to use:



1.Gently shake the bottle before use. Easy enough, and a good habit.


2.Start by using one pump in a small section, such as your calf. Massage it into the skin as you would a moisturiser until it is spread evenly across the skin. Use more as needed. I will be honest, I ignored the part about going in small sections at first. This made it harder to rub in and spread evenly once it started to dry. Otherwise, it rubs in well. Spend some time getting it even. I had a patch or two that wasn’t great but that was my fault.


3.Continue working in small sections until all desired areas are covered. Apply sparingly over areas prone to creasing or dryness such as knees, elbows or armpits. My knees certainly didn’t need as much as the rest of my legs. When you have a small amount on left on your hand from doing your calf or thigh just go over these areas and that should be enough. This should help it come out more even. I found applying the same amount caused my knees to come out darker. Applying to dry areas can make it look a little flaky so make sure your skin is well moisturised beforehand.  


4.Allow one minute for it to touch dry before dressing and wash any excess off your hand. It does touch dry quickly, but I could still feel it sitting on my skin. After 15-20 minutes it felt completely settled and dry. Hands washed easily using just water, adding a drop of hand wash does help.


5.Walk out the door confidently with a natural healthy-looking bronze glow. Felt fabulous.


6.To remove simply wash off in the shower with body soap and a sponge. Washes off easily with water and even easier with a bit of soap. No troubles there.



› Results


riatta Blog Title _ Riatta Reviews Becoming a Bronzed Beauty with Aussie Bronze result


Aussie Bronze comes in a convenient little pump bottle for easy application. The cream looks kind of dark when you pump it out, so I was worried it would look too dark for my skin. Applying it was easy and fuss free. Following the instructions carefully is key to getting the best results. The coconut and lime scent was a pleasant treat but I am glad it didn’t linger.


Once the cream was all rubbed in it was almost hard to tell how much of a difference it made, probably because I waiting to go orange or an obvious fake colour. But the pictures don’t lie. It did nicely darken and tan my skin. I was pleasantly surprised with how natural and healthy-looking colour was. It lasted the full day and I did not notice any being rubbed off.


I should also note I haven’t gotten too sweaty while using Aussie Bronze but I am interested to see how it holds up to sweat. I will report back with what I find. I didn’t have any issues with it marking any of my clothes. I am tempted to stain something old to see how easily it comes out in the wash. If you are careful when you apply it and let it dry it shouldn’t be an issue. I am just curious.



Overall Impression


If you are after a product to provide a long-lasting tan that will hold up against water sports this is not the product for you. Just need something instant and fuss-free that will hold up for a hot date, special occasion or just as you go about your day? Then Aussie Bronze tanning cream could be your new best friend. It was easy to use, minimum fuss and I got great results. I like the fact that you can wash it off easily. If it gets ruined, you apply it badly or it starts to look bad as it fades (not that it did when I used it) you aren’t stuck with it until it fades.


If you are interested in trying Aussie Bronze out I definitely recommend giving it a go. Especially if you are new to self-tanning. This natural body bronzer is the perfect place to start.