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Bon Ami powder cleanser is a non-toxic mineral based mild abrasive cleaner. If you have tried looking for an effective natural cleaner for an extra tough deep clean you may have found your everyday natural cleaners, while they work well for day to day cleaning, just aren’t up to the task. Bon Ami will give a deeper heavy duty clean and is particularly recommended for tough to clean areas in your kitchen and bathroom.


About Bon Ami



Bon Ami is an American company that has been around since 1886 – that’s over 130 years. It is fascinating to see how the brand has stood the test of time over the years surviving both the great depression and a revolution of chemical cleaners. What it ultimately comes down to however is that Bon Ami is effective, affordable and, most importantly, safe.


It lasted the great depression due to its affordability and effectiveness. It has survived the revolution of chemicals cleaners because it is safe and non-toxic. Even before the green revolution we have seen in recent years, those with allergies or chemicals sensitivities had Bon Ami to fall back on and it was highly recommended in these communities.


Bon Ami - Best Natural Heavy Duty Household Cleaner brand story 2


There is no fancy technology to it. The recipe was inspired by some of the earliest known ways of making soap. Bon Ami used a little ingenuity and a touch of abrasive mineral powder and their powder cleanser was born.


Ingredients – Safe and Effective!


So, what are the ingredients in Bon Amis powder cleaner? They have kept their formula simple and straightforward, despite the temptation to add extra ingredients and fragrances over the years. It contains no detergent, bleach, fragrances or dyes. It only contains these five ingredients:



1. Limestone (calcium carbonate), 2. soda ash (sodium carbonate) and 3. baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) are all abrasive mineral powders. All are considered safe for use with no major toxicity concerns. Because of their abrasive nature however they can be harsh on and irritate skin. Be cautious and wear gloves when using, especially if you have sensitive skin.


4. Feldspar (aluminosilicates of potassium, sodium, and calcium) is also an abrasive mineral powder. However, there is limited toxicity information available with EWG (Environmental Working Group) noting concerns over lack of data. We believe there is very little risk however, particularly if you use Bon Ami Powder Cleanser with precaution (avoiding skin contact and inhalation where possible). Feldspar has been widely used for a long time.


5. Surfactant (type used is alkyl polyglycolides – a sugar (glucose) based non-ionic (less harsh) surfactant). Helps the effectiveness of cleaning products by reducing surface tension. Considered safe.



The overall rating of Bon Ami Powder Cleanser by EWG is an A (best possible rating - Few/no known or suspected hazards to health or the environment). It is also recommended as one of the top ten all-purpose kitchen cleaners in the EWG guide to healthy cleaning.

How to use Bon Ami Powder Cleanser



Bon Ami Powder Cleanser is easy and straight forward to use. Simply sprinkle onto a wet surface and rub with a wet sponge. If you are cleaning a more delicate surface sprinkle onto a wet sponge and apply to the surface making sure to use lots of water. Do not use on windows, glass or any surfaces that come with warnings against using abrasive cleaners.



Bon Ami Powder Cleanser Performance Review


We have found Bon Ami is highly effective, especially for difficult bathroom and kitchen cleaning. In the kitchen use it on your kitchen sink, stove top, benches, oven, fridge and pots and pans! Tough to remove marks lift easier and stainless steel is left bright and shiny. Use it in your bathroom to remind you that yes, the actual shade of your tiles and tub is a few shades lighter. In all seriousness. Wipe the tiles, tub, sink and faucets down with a wet cloth and Bon Ami powder cleanser to remove any mildew, soap scum or other residues. I recommend using an old toothbrush to scrub along the grout for best results.


What is great about Bon Ami powder cleanser is not just how effective it is but also how multipurpose it is. While there are certain surfaces it should not be used on the powder cleanser can be used safely on most surfaces to provide an effective heavy duty clean. Take your BBQ for example!


It is highly cost effective and only requires a small amount to work making it highly efficient. Get it out when you need to do your deep cleaning or tackle particularly tough to clean surfaces. The packaging is environmentally friendly. It is made from recycled materials and can be recycled after use. And also, the point that you can never go past, we love that is it safe and kind to people with allergies and chemical sensitivities.


So, what are the negatives?


♦ It is a powder. That means when you use it some is likely to go airborne. Inhalation of any powder is not great for you. Wear a face mask if you can to avoid breathing in the powder. The good thing about how you use Bon Ami is you use it on a wet surface with a wet cleaning tool. This helps reduce the amount that gets airborne and inhaled. In all honesty, this is a minor concern, but caution never hurts.


♦ Abrasive nature. You need to be careful you don’t use it on any surfaces that should not be cleaned with abrasives. This is usually specified by the manufacturer. For this reason, it also can’t be used on windows or mirrors. The abrasive nature can also cause skin irritation as we have noted above.



♦ Packaging doesn’t seal well. The seal is a resealable sticker over the sprinkle holes. After while it loses its stickiness. This is a minor thing, I just feel it is safer if it is properly sealed. I keep mine in a sealed container in a high cupboard out of reach of children.



Despite these few downsides, which are easily manageable and minimisable, we highly recommend Bon Ami powder cleanser. Every time another product hasn’t been able to completely clean a surface or remove a stain Bon Ami has saved the day. I love knowing it is in my cupboard for when I need it. For the price it really can't be beat.

What has your experience with Bon Ami been like? Interested in trying it out ? If you have any questions ask below!