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Finding a natural or organic toothpaste right for you may be take a few tries – there are so many to choose from! Here we have outlined the features and benefits of a wide range of non-toxic natural toothpastes to help you narrow down your choice.


Most of these toothpastes are non-foaming. If that turns you off there are a few options that will still foam but your choices are more limited. Also, remember to pay attention to the viscosity (how runny) your toothpaste is. Some natural alternatives are less solid and will wash off your toothbrush easily if you run it under the water after applying it to your toothbrush, instead try wetting your toothbrush before applying the toothpaste.


The main active ingredient in these toothpastes is Calcium, usually calcium carbonate but sometimes in different forms. It is used to remineralise teeth and acts as a mild abrasive to help clean teeth and prevent plaque build-up. Some toothpastes don’t contain calcium and are formulated with other ingredients for different purposes including for more gentle formulas for sensitive teeth. We recommend using a calcium toothpaste unless it causes you trouble due to sensitive teeth .



♥ Comvita

Natural Whitening Toothpaste | 100g $10.95
Natural Gentle Toothpaste | 100g $10.95
Propolis Toothpaste | 100g $10.95
Propolis Toothgel | 90g $10.95



Comvita is a wonderful New Zealand brand that offers 4 different natural toothpastes. Their whitening toothpaste is a good baking soda and calcium based whitening toothpaste. We recommend caution for those who have sensitive teeth or gums as baking soda can be abrasive.


They also have two propolis toothpastes a propolis toothpaste and toothgel. Propolis is a natural antibacterial and can help promote oral health by getting rid of plaque causing bacteria in the mouth. The Propolis Toothpaste is calcium based so it also helps remineralise your teeth.


The propolis toothgel along with the gentle toothpaste are good options for those with sensitive teeth and gums and are less abrasive than other toothpastes as they are bicarb free. The propolis tooth gel is particularly gentle as it also does not contain any calcium due to its abrasiveness while the gentle toothpaste does – this does mean it won’t help remineralise your teeth however.



♥ Dr Bronner

Cinnamon All-One Toothpaste | 140g $12.95
Anise All-One Toothpaste | 140g $12.95
Peppermint All-One Toothpaste | 140g $12.95



dr Bronners Toothpaste Group

Dr Bronners is a renowned American brand with a German background. They offer 3 different flavoured toothpastes all of which contain calcium and baking soda to remineralise, clean and whiten teeth as well as essential oils for flavour. Once again, if you have sensitive teeth use caution trying baking soda toothpastes as they can be abrasive.


♥ Grants of Australia

Cinnamon Zest Natural Toothpaste | 110g $4.20
Mild Mint Natural Toothpaste | 110g $4.20
Fresh Mint Natural Toothpaste | 110g $4.20
Xylitol Natural Toothpaste | 110g $5.95


Natural and Organic Toothpaste Shopping Guide


Grants is Australian Made, Vegan and is the most affordable natural toothpaste we have come across. They come in mint, cinnamon and xylitol flavours. Xylitol has a naturally sweet taste and helps whiten teeth by removing stains and inhibits the growth of plaque causing bacteria. Grants toothpaste are also calcium based, helping remineralise teeth. They may be suited for those with sensitive teeth as they are bicarb free.



♥ Riddells Creek

Organic Toothpaste – Lemon | 100g $9.96


 Riddells Creek Organic Toothpaste – Lemon


Riddels Creek impresses us as a brand being Australian made, certified organic, and vegan friendly. They contain calcium and baking soda to help remineralise and whiten teeth. They also contain saponified oils (which may leave a soapy taste), sea salt, essential oils and plant extracts to help flavour and clean teeth.



♥ Weleda

Calendula Toothpaste |75ml $9.96
Ratanhia Toothpaste |75ml $9.96
Salt Toothpaste |75ml $9.96
Plant Gel Toothpaste |75ml $9.96




Weleda is a European company who have an impressive range of natural and organic products. They have four different unique natural toothpastes.


Weledas ratanhia toothpaste is the main semi traditional family focused mint flavoured toothpaste. It contains calcium, for remineralising, and plant extracts and essential oils, most notably peppermint and spearmint, for flavour and to help clean teeth.


Their calendula toothpaste was formulated as an alternative to their other toothpastes which are all mint flavoured and contain peppermint oil. It contains calcium, for remineralising, and plant extracts and essential oils for flavour and to help clean teeth.


Salt toothpaste may sound strange but it helps with pH balancing and neutralising harmful plaque causing acids in the mouth. Ingredient wise it contains sodium bicarb (polishing and whitening), sea salt (pH balancing) and plant extracts and essential oils (including peppermint oil) for flavour and to help clean teeth.


The plant gel toothpaste is formulated to for sensitive teeth. It contains only plant extracts and essential oils, including peppermint oil, for flavour and to help clean teeth.


♥ My Magic Mud

Peppermint Whitening Toothpaste | 113g
Cinnamon Clove Whitening Toothpaste –  |113g
Wintergreen Whitening Toothpaste – | 113g



My Magic Mud has a range of charcoal based teeth whitening products. They are a US based and their toothpastes are vegan friendly. The activated charcoal helps whiten teeth by removing stains and gently polishing. The calcium in the toothpaste comes from the diatomaceous earth and bentonite clay, so this toothpaste will still remineralise your teeth. Bicarb free. It is a fun and quirky toothpaste to try that gives you a goopy black smile as you brush!

♥ Earth Paste

Earth Paste Natural Toothpaste - Lemon Twist | $10.95 113g


Redmond Earthpaste Natural Toothpaste 113g Lemon Twist


If you want a clay based toothpaste like My Magic Mud but without the charcoal Earth Paste is the choice for you. They use bentonite clay (which contains calcium – important for remineralising teeth), xylitol (naturally sweet, which can help whiten and inhibit plaque causing bacteria), sea salt (which can help balance pH of plaque causing acids) essential oils (for flavour and to help clean teeth). Bicarb free.
You may notice the Prop45 earth paste includes on the box. To help you understand why they included this warning check out our blog on Prop65 and Bentonite Clay.



♥ Ayurdent

Herbal toothpaste | 75ml $9.55


Maharishi Ayurveda Toothpaste


Ayurdent Herbal Toothpaste is a very popular herbal toothpaste based on Indian Ayurvedic herbs. Ayurvedic is an Indian medical philosophy that uses herbs as part of a holistic approach to health. The active ingredient in the toothpaste is still calcium like many others which helps remineralise your teeth so it is still a good toothpaste for those who prefer a spiced flavour to the standard mint whether you believe in the added health benefits of the Indian herbs or not. Be warned, for some it can be a bit strong and spicy but those who enjoy the taste love it!

Ayurdent is an American brand made in India. They are vegan friendly.



♥ Auromere

auromere herbal toothpaste |75ml $xx.xx


If you are interested in trying a herbal toothpaste but are worried Ayurdent will be too strong we recommend starting with auromere first. auromere uses the same ayurvedic herbs as the basis for the toothpaste but don’t formulate it to have as strong of a spiced flavour. They use a fine calcium chalk as a gentle cleanser which also helps remineralise the teeth. The toothpaste is highly concentrated so you only need to use a small amount. Auromere is vegan friendly and is also made in India but is a US brand.



♥ Pure&Green Organics

Pure and Green Organics Mint Toothpaste | 70ml

Zkin Fluoride Free Certified Organic Toothpaste 70ml


Pure and Green Organics Toothpaste is significantly different from all our other natural and organic toothpastes we have come across. Most notably it comes in a very concentrated format. The tube it comes in has a pump which helps you only pump out a very small amount. One small tube contains a 5-month supply. They are certified organic, made in Australia and vegan. Ingredient wise it contains saponified (think soap-afied!) coconut oil, plant extracts and essential oils for flavour and to clean teeth. It is one of the few alternative toothpastes that foams a bit as you brush. I would recommend using a tongue scraper after brushing as it can leave a soapy feel stuck to your tongue. This took me by surprise and wasn’t quite pleasant at first but now I happily use it daily, for me I like that it is a foaming option. Contains bicarb, calcium free.




Bright Mint Toothpaste | 130g $xx.xx

Ausganica is an Australian made toothpaste that contains 83% Certified organic ingredients. They contain calcium (remineralising), baking soda (whiten and polish) and essential oils for flavour and to help clean. It has a minty flavour containing several different mint oils. They also claim sage, aloe vera and turmeric aids in the whitening process. Although we are not sure how much of the whitening power is from them and how much is from the baking soda they certainly don’t hurt!



Φøøø Coral White ø ø ø

Mint Toothpaste |170g $xx.xx


Coral White at first seemed like a solid natural toothpaste alternative for whitening teeth. It lets you know it is free from Flouride and SLS on the cover and uses coral calcium salts to balance pH and remineralise teeth. It also contained Xylitol which as you know we have been a fan of in this blog for it sweet flavour, whitening properties and how it helps fight against plaque causing bacteria. A closer look at the ingredients however showed they use hydrogen peroxide as a whitening ingredient – a toxic chemical used to bleach teeth. This is the kind of chemical we are trying to get away from by not using mainstream products. Greenwashed much?

♥ Davids

Premium Natural Toothpaste $15.00 149g


Davids Natural Toothpaste


Davids is a premium US brand that offers a natural whitening toothpaste. It contains calcium to help remineralise teeth. For whitening it uses bicarb/baking soda and Xylitol which whiten, polish and help reduce plaque build-up. They also use essential oils and plant extracts for a minty flavour and to help clean teeth. It is a slightly foaming toothpaste.


♥ Dr Brite

Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste $14.95 119g


Dr. Brite Natural Toothpaste Mint 119g


Dr Brites is a US Brand whose whitening toothpaste is a vegan charcoal based natural teeth whitening alternative. The activated charcoal removes stains and gives you a quirky black goopy smile. Alongside calcium they use calcium (remineralises), xylitol (whitens, cleans, prevents plaque build-up), plant extracts and essential oils (for flavour and to help clean teeth). Vitamin c is added for healthier gums. Mint flavoured. Bicarb free.

♥ Red Seal

Lemon SLS Free Toothpaste $3.95
Natural SLS Free Toothpaste $3.95



Red seal is a New Zealand brand which offers a range of 8 natural toothpaste alternatives. Only 3 from this range are free from SLS however. This includes their Lemon SLS Free, Natural SLS Free and children’s toothpaste. Their Lemon SLS free toothpaste is calcium based (helping clean and remineralise teeth) and is flavoured with lemon and lime oil. The Natural SLS free toothpaste is also calcium based but has a herbal mint flavour from essential oils. The natural toothpaste also includes zinc to help heal and promote healthy gums.


♥ Primal


Primal Tough Teeth Powder (mint and orange creamsickle)


Tough Teeth Powder by Primal is a slightly different product in that instead of a toothpaste it is a tooth powder. The powder is a vegan a bentonite clay based concoction that comes in two flavours: creamsickle and mint. The calcium in the bentonite clay helps to remineralise teeth and also includes baking soda (for teeth whitening), salt (pH balancing) and essential oils (flavour and to help clean). It can be a bit messy to use but also fun and delicious – although some people aren’t a fan of the creamsickle. Other feedback has been largely positive. They are a US brand.


If you end up trying one of these brands we would love to hear your thoughts. Hopefully this guide was helpful in narrowing down your search for a natural toothpaste that is just right for you!


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