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mindfulness meditator. Jenny

Get comfy. We're going to change your life!

What if you could have less tension, anxiety, improve your mental and physical health and reduce chronic pain all while enhancing your bodies natural healing systems… all with 10 minutes practice daily. Would you jump at it? We would! this practice is a life changer!

When we first learned about the practice we almost thought it too good to be true, we tried it and are converts.

Being ‘present’ means that you are aware of your internal and external experiences. Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist practice and is widely renowned to improve both health and wellbeing.

Here’s how to do it:

Mindfulness Step # 1 make yourself comfortable

Sit down, back centered and cross your legs. Ensure you are in a quiet spot and make sure you are comfortable to sit for a short while.

Mindfulness Step #2 Breathe

Start by taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Take note of your breathing and really recognize the sensation of breathing in and out. The focus on your breathing will calm your mind and enable you to get the best experience.

When you have mastered breathing, move on to the next step, Concentration

Mindfulness Step #3 Focus

As you are taking breath in try to focus on your breath, if your mind wanders, that’s normal just aim to bring it back to the focus on to your breathing. This step will help again, to improve your experience and give you clarity.

Mindfulness Step #4 The Whole Body Experience

This step encompasses the body into the experience. Notice the sensations that are taking place in your body. Can you feel your knee is tight? Great. Experience it. Do your fingers feel slightly tingly. Excellent. That’s what were after. Just try to focus on whatever sensation your body throws at you.

Mindfulness Step #5 Release the tension

Remember your tight right knee? This is where you consciously release any tension you feel in your body. These tight spots can be warning signs. Give them attention. Remember your breathing.

Mindfulness succulents

Just wanted to share these succulents Photo:@spiritnectar

Keep practicing and don’t move on to the next step until you have mastered the preceding.

We would love to hear your thoughts on mindfulness. Do you love it? Do you practice?