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We all know the harmful impact of plastic, one form of utility that never breaks down. Eventually plastic breaks into pieces over time, meaning there are smaller particles floating in our ocean and land. We don’t think of the damage when consuming a drink with a plastic straws, we don’t think of it being the greatest plastic object in our oceans. You don’t think that after 10-20 minutes of using this straw, it will build damage to our earth. A quick lifespan of an object that can stick to the earth forever. But unfortunately it does.

Easily accessible to our wildlife

Easily accessible to our wildlife

Reasons Why Plastic Straws Are A No-Go

  • 500 Million plastic straws are used every day only to be used for a couple of minutes
  • Australia alone consume 10 Million plastic straws everyday
  • It states that 44% of all seabird species and 22% of all cetaceans have been found to have ingested plastic. All together 1,100,000 Seabirds and marine mammals ingest plastic, straws being one main source of this issue.
  • Straws are made out of polypropylene, a petroleum bi-product, which is the same compound that fuels vehicles.
  • Plastics makes up 90% of the worlds rubbish found in the ocean. Straws are in the top 10 of marine debris items.

It is hard to eliminate these plastic objects from day to day activities, especially visiting a fast food chain where plastic straws automatically come with the drink. Another main source of this utility are restaurants/bars, where they present your drink with an already placed straw in your cup. Small contributions can impact the environment in a positive sense, these consist of saying no to straws at restaurants or bars, or eliminating them completely at home. There are always replacements, considered to be a better option.

Eco Friendly Alternative To The Harmful Plastic Straw


Stainless steel straws are a lead to helping the environment because it is reusable, no-toxic and it can be recycled.

The benefits of a stainless steel straw compared to a plastic one is the high degradability rate. This is because the steel can be melted down and recycled into other metallic products. Moreover they are non-toxic opposed to the plastic straws which use polypropylene. This makes it safer than the plastic counterpart. Moreover stainless steel are re-usable, in an unlimited amount of times, washed various times and carried around in your bag or pocket where ever you go.


Riatta has partnered with the Western Australian based company The Last Straw Co. to introduce the stainless steel straws in order to reduce the pollution. They provide straws in a wide variety which includes straws that are: straight, bent, for cocktails, for smoothies, pouches for storage and cleaning utensils. It is recommended to buy The Last Straw Co Pouch to place your re-usable straws. It is easy to wash, especially with the Last Straw Co brush, for continuous use. Consider your earth and purchase a stainless steel and let it be your LAST STRAW!

Educating is a key to change, inform your friends and family the damage plastic straws entails, finding replacement that can be used permanently. Switch today, and save the earth your own way.