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Life Space Baby Probiotic Powder 60 Gram


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The Life Space Probiotic For Baby has been formulated on the latest in clinical research, and provides the probiotic bacteria required to set up your baby for a lifetime of good health.

This product has been carefully formulated to contain only premium quality ingredients that are clinically shown as suitable for infants from birth. A baby is essentially sterile until it enters the birth canal, at which point the bacteria start to arrive — and they don’t stop. From a mother’s vaginal bacteria, hugs and kisses from relatives, to eating dirt in the back yard, the exposures of newborns and toddlers to beneficial bacteria in their earliest years is critical to the development of a healthy digestive tract and immune system.

Live probiotic bacteria are important for your baby once he/she arrives. Healthy breast milk contains probiotic bacteria that positively influence the development of Baby’s immune system. Daily supplementation of the Life Space Probiotic For Baby can also help with the development of a robust immune system and provide a protective shield against allergies.

Clinical studies have now identified that a daily consumption of Lactobacillus rhamnosus probiotic during pregnancy and then during the first 4 years can help children from developing allergies such as eczema or hayfever by up to 44%.The NEW low d-lactate formulation is now free from histamine producing species of bacteria.

Free from dairy, lactose, casein, gluten, yeast, egg, corn, wheat, fructose, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Contains human genus probiotic strains that are acid & bile resistant. Vegan friendly, non addictive formulation.

No refrigeration required. For optimal results use within 3 months of opening.

Health Benefits:
A conceptual look at allergies, some of their problems and treatments.

Supports the healthy development of baby’s immune system
Promotes normal bowel movements & may reduce the frequency of constipation
May reduce symptoms such as crying time in infants with Colic
Helps to restore healthy intestinal micro-flora that may have been disrupted by antibiotics
May lower the risk of baby developing allergies
Supports optimal nutrient absorption and healthy growth
Clinical studies have shown that a 6 Billion daily dose of Lactobacillus rhamnosus from week 34 of pregnancy, and then for 6 months when breastfeeding reduces the risk of children from developing allergies such as eczema or hayfever by up to 44%
Supports optimal health and wellbeing of Baby.

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