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Noosa Basics Natural Intimacy Oil 100mlNoosa Basics Natural Intimacy Oil 100ml

Noosa Basics Natural Intimacy Oil 100ml

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Many commercial lubricants contain nasty ingredients, some of them are really dangerous, Noosa Basics Natural Intimacy Oil blends organic oils such as Coconut oil, sunflower oil and hemp oil ONLY and add extra joy to those loving nights! This rich blend of organic oils with antibacterial and antimicotic properties nourish and protect skin, enhance pleasure giving velvety sensual feel.

Made in Australia, Vegan and Cruelty Free.



Organic Virgin Coconut oil, Organic Sunflower oil, Hemp oil and Fractionated coconut oil.


How to Use:

Use generously and apply where desired. Do not use with latex condoms/products. Can safely be used with condoms made from lambskin and polyurethane.

This product is undiluted, preservative-free and vegan. We enrich the serum with GMO-free Vitamin E to prolong the lifespan of the product. We recommend using this product within 12-24 months.


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