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Power Superfoods Epzen Magnesium Bath Crystals Epzen Pure

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Power Superfoods EpZEN magnesium bath crystals are of the highest pure quality of laboratory tested magnesium sulphate that we could find anywhere, having undergone a delicate filtration process ensuring no perceptible impurities and safe for external use. Just as important when bathing is keeping the vulnerable pH level of our skin's acid mantle intact - easily disrupted by everyday soaps and detergents yet crucial to guarding you against environmental elements, pollutants, and ageing free-radical.

EpZEN pH is in the absolutely optimal range to maintain skin integrity - measuring from 5 to 7 (varying whether bathing in hard, soft, or neutral eg.rain water). So take time for yourself today.... you may find cheaper, but you're unlikely to find better.

EXTERNAL USE ONLY PLEASE ! ..brought to you by POWERbodycare.


'The stress of life is killing me'..... how often do you hear that these days?? Maybe you've even heard yourself say it. No matter how fast we multi-task on the treadmill of life, it seems increasingly impossible to keep up. This takes a huge toll on overall health and happiness, and it can seem nearly impossible to maintain balance or even recognise our own bodies' limits. Compound this with the multitude of often unavoidable toxins that modern living puts us into contact with, and you have a recipe for total mind/body/spirit overwhelm.

So what's a possible solution to all this stress?....especially if you cant find the time or money for other recommended stress-busters like yoga, exercise, or massage. Another three highly recommended stress relievers are magnesium, aromatherapy and mineral soaks -- just like these magnesium bath crystals! Taking the time to economically revitalize for as little as 20 minutes in the bath (or even a foot soak!) can help us face the next challenges life throws our way, and transition to a calmer, more peaceful state of mind.

Suggested Uses:
PURE: unscented for the super-sensitive, to add your own special scent, or create beautiful bath products (see recipes below) that make wonderful, restorative gifts! Perfect for pre-pedicure skin softening, or any time you just need to take a time-out. Use 2 cups in a bathtub, or 1 cup in a foot soak bucket.
As a precautionary measure, AVOID during first trimester.

Nutritional Benefits
'Acid mantle' describes the very thin protective film shielding our skin's surface and is measured in pH values, varying from 4.5 to 6.2 (7 is a neutral pH, like rain water). If this layer is disrupted, skin can lose elasticity and become more prone to damage and infection.

Many mild soaps sold commercially are actually very alkaline (9.5 to 11) -- you might get that squeaky clean feeling, but you can also undermine your skin's natural defenses!

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